A Jane Austen Addict Reveals Part 2: The Heartthrobs

I understand good character is more to be praised than outstanding beauty, but these men are surely very easy on the eyes.

James D'Arcy

James D’Arcy

Tom Bertram in Mansfield Park (2007)

Tom Bertram must have been thought pleasant, indeed, at any rate; he was the sort of young man to be generally liked, his agreeableness was of the kind to be oftener found agreeable than some endowments of a higher stamp, for he had easy manners, excellent spirits, a large acquaintance, and a great deal to say; and the reversion of Mansfield Park, and a baronetcy, did no harm to all this.

James D'Arcy

James D’Arcy

Oodles of meticulously scanned James D’Arcy pictures and in-depth information about this talented (and by the way really, really gorgeous) actor can be found here.

Mark Dymond

Mark Dymond

Captain Frederick Tilney in Northanger Abbey (2007)

Having heard the day before in Milsom Street that their elder brother, Captain Tilney, was expected almost every hour, she was at no loss for the name of a very fashionable-looking, handsome young man, whom she had never seen before, and who now evidently belonged to their party. She looked at him with great admiration, and even supposed it possible that some people might think him handsomer than his brother, though, in her eyes, his air was more assuming, and his countenance less prepossessing.


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